What social media platform will take the place of Facebook?

Published Jan 12 in Ag Marketing  

Anonymous Member
By Anonymous Member

Currently, Facebook is highest social media platform among the Agriculture industry, due to the recent fallout, do you for see the Agriculture industry moving to another platform? If so, which one and why?

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Jan 12 in Ag Marketing in Ag Marketing  

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2 Answers

By Justin Remus
Published Jan 13 in Ag Marketing  

For strictly Agricultural focused topics the current AgFuse platform may hold the keys. Person to person connection needs to be worked on to make this happen however.

By Emmanuelle Olamide AJAYI
Published Jan 13 in Ag Marketing  

I am of a strong believe that Agfuse may replace Facebook in the sense that more farming and agriculture related matters will shift or switch to Agfuse due to it focus on agriculture which provides better and quality information to farmers.
Therefore I want to encourage Agfuse to come up with more informative and and quality contents on their pages