Which one is better for Maize farming.

Published Jun 22, 2021 

Between weeding and herbicides application.

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Abubakar Sadiq Mohammed Minna, Niger State, Nigeria
Jun 22, 2021

Categories: Corn

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1 Answer

By Jerry Smith
Updated Jun 26, 2021 

Here’s a resource that you may be interested in: “Integrated Weed Management in Maize.” The whitepaper explains that, to optimize your weed management strategies, an integrated approach is needed that includes both mechanical and chemical options.

“Integrated weed management (IWM) has been defined as a multidisciplinary approach to weed control, utilizing the application of numerous alternative control measures. The IWM involves a combination of cultural, mechanical, biological, genetic, and chemical methods for an effective and economical weed control that reduces weed interference with the crop while maintaining acceptable crop yields. None of the individual control measures can provide complete weed control. However, if various components of IWM are implemented in a systematic manner, significant advances in weed control technology can be achieved.”