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Ramu Thampalayagowder

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Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea is produced from dry certified moringa leaf powder .It contains more Iron , calcium , Potassium , magnesium , Vitamin B6 , Vitamin C , beta carotene , antioxidants , isothiocyanate .These extraordinary constituents in sufficiently large amount make moringa leaf powder a real super food .

Pharmaceutical and health benefit in human being

Drinking of cup of moringa tea in the morning and evening provides

1. Mineral nutrients

2. Increase immunity

3.reduce blood sugar

4.prevent mental depression and exhaustion

5.remove waste metabolite from body and keeps the good health

6.Enhance $ex drive and mood swing

For the above reasons the certified organic moringa cultivation is being done in a vast area and huge production facilities for international markets where these moringa products are sold in pharmaceutical chain stores and super markets in various form and shape like Moringa leaf powder , moringa capsule ,moringa tablet and moringa blend with turmeric and neem .

The global farmers can undertake cultivation of organic moringa and make huge profit .

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