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Mr.Chaitanya Gandhi is an IT engineer who left his lucrative job in Chennai and moved on to his native Maharastra state and started cultivating ODC -3 Moringa in over 5 0 Acres of land at karmala in Solapur District . Spaced at 3 Meter inter row spacing and 2.4 Meter plant to plant spacing he planted 1111 ODC-3 moringa plants in one acre ( 4000 sq m ) @ 2 plants sown 2 feet apart in each location along the rows .

The reason for 3 M wide inter row spacing is to operate Tractor drawn blower for spraying organic / inorganic pesticides that overcomes the issue of labour shortage . Also white mulching sheet is laid over the rows of bed that will reduce evaporation loss of water and conserve soil moisture ,besides preventing growth of weeds .

Since karnala is a semi dry area with long dry spell and more sun light , year round production of pods is possible and yield per acre can be harvested high at 30000 to 35000 kgs in a year .At throw away sale price Rs.10 per kg of pods still it can fetch an income of around Rs.3 Lac per acre per year .

This ODC -3 line of moringa oleifera continues to produce yield for over 10 years with the production of pods in the first year itself and yield of pods also continues to increase over the years ,farmers of Maharastra , Gujarat ,Haryana , North western M.P, U.P , West Bengal , Rajasthan ,Srilanka , Bangladesh , Cambodia ,Mexico , Madagascar , Western Australia started cultivating ODC-3 Moringa in large scale. Each tree produces around 300-400 pods each weighing 100 grams on average.

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