Ramu Thampalayagowder

Ramu Thampalayagowder

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Interaction between many factors like genetic , environment , physiological , nutritional , hormonal and cultural practices determine earliness and abundance of flowers & yield of pods in Moringa oleifera 
1.Genetic - ODC cultivar originated in Tamil Nadu  acquired genes responsible for earliness of flowers in about 6-8 months from sowing seeds .
2.Environment - warm temperature between 28 -40 degree Celsius 
3.Physiological - The photosynthate produced in leaves are translocated in sufficient quantity to sink where flower bud is formed ( Axil ) .Pruning allows more branches and more photosynthesis  .
4.Nutrient - Nitrogen is needed in early stage of growth to produce a good canopy spread .Potassium nitrate is found to induce flowering in Moringa .
5.Hormones -  Indole Acetic acid ( IAA) produced naturally in plants and cytokinin like substances vis a vis inhibition of Gibberellin hormone in plant causes hormonal imbalance that is responsible of flower induction 
6.Cultural - Weed free cultivation , use of black mulching sheet ( reduce nitrogen loss and increase soil temperature by 1-2  degree Celsius ) , pre flowering stress for 15 days , spray of panchagavya rich in amino acids , hormones @3 % conc./ Spray of uniconozole .
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