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  • Use of multispectral and thermal imagery in precision viticulture

    Authors: G Tanda and V. Chiarabini

    Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1224, conference 1

    The increasing demand for higher quality and yield of wine production has led to a growing interest in precision viticulture, i.e., practices of monitoring and managing spatial variations in variables related to productivity within a vineyard. This paper presents a few applications of optical measurements, in combination with monitoring systems making use of geolocation and remote/proximal sensing, to calculate vegetation indices related to plant vigour and water stress in vineyards. Measurements were performed on vineyards in Burgenland, Austria, by both aerial and proximal (terrestrial) sensing techniques. A remote-sensing, four-band multispectral sensor, placed on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), has been used to detect the spectral signature of the vineyard and to calculate the NDVI index, useful to selectively address the harvest on the basis of quality and quantity of grapes. Proximal, thermal infrared imaging complemented the investigation providing information about the water status of the vegetation through the CWSI index. Examples of vigour maps are provided, showing, inside a given parcel, the presence of canopies at different level of vegetation characteristics. Results provide a range of information useful to make the optimal choice in management strategies of vineyards.

    Photo: UAV equipped with multispectral sensor, GPS device and digital camera. (credits: G Tanda and V. Chiarabini)

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