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Rodney Michael Charleston, SC
1 years, 3 weeks ago
Hello farmers... just wondering what are your thoughts on the hemp pilot program for South Carolina?
Pat Rogers Blenheim, SC
1 years, 3 weeks ago

I always feel like the success or failure of new crops revolve more around the ability to take the crop to a local market than it does production. When peanuts reappeared around SC in the 2000's, drying stations and processing plants soon followed. Other crops that tried to gain a footprint here (flax, canola, etc) have had a tougher time because there's no easy competitive market to take those crops to. So while it's always encouraging to have a potential new crop to grow, I think many will be apprehensive to jump on board (especially with the associated production costs) until there is a better defined market for the crop. It'll certainly be interesting to watch this program develop.