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Uncle Bumpy La Valle, WI
2 years, 2 weeks ago
Hi! Uncle Bumpy here for Factory Direct Shippers. We just joined AgFuse, so I thought it appropriate to let you know how we serve the Farmers & Ranchers of America....
....We sell quality work wear on a variety of brand specific websites. One of these is: http://www.KeyWorkWear.com

I invite you to visit and purchase Quality KEY Work Wear. We offer Quantity Pricing on many garments to save you money. Plus, to save a little more....here is a $5 Coupon Code to use at the very end of checkout on the last shopping cart page: AGFIVE

Also.....I invite you to view one of our videos on YouTube entitled:
How to protect the Strap Hardware when laundering your KEY Imperial Bib Overalls!

This will be very helpful to folks who experience bib overall hardware breakage during laundering. Or, if you are tired of hearing the hardware clanking around in your dryer!

Well, that's all for now.
Thank you,
Uncle Bumpy
Uncle Bumpy
Uncle Bumpy