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Zoe Vigrou Singapore
May 10, 2021
in Wheat Producers  
Dear network,

I am currently working on an innovation project on disease management in cereal crops. I thought you might be able to use it in your business and it would be great to have your opinion on this solution.

The project is about a new digital farm management solution to help you optimizing fungicide treatments in cereals. It provides simple and systematic access to field-specific digital crop analytics (timing and quantity of application) that improve decision-making process and increase plant health while improving farm management.

To help us know your perception of this solution, we have designed a very quick questionnaire (5 minutes). https://quiz.umi.us/quiz/60950602635728001e15a49a/6094f918a671941acf43ebd5

We are counting on your precious feedback!
I hope to hear from you and thank you in advance.
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Categories: Wheat, Crop Protection, Farm Management

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Marc Durand Bourges, Centre, France
May 10, 2021
Fascinating I share my opinion! Hope I can help you.

Have a good day

Marc Durand,
french farmer and wheat lover

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